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Connected Desktop Applications: Nothing New

March 27, 2008

There’s an interesting conversation taking place over at TechCrunch about bridging desktop and web applications. This is obviously becoming a huge trend due in part to the development of solutions like Mozilla Prism, Adobe AIR, and Fluid. All of those products offer interesting advancements, but this idea is certainly nothing new.

WeatherBug started going down this road years ago with their desktop application, and Leopard itself now enables anyone to create their very own truly connected desktop application. If you have experience using Leopard, then you know that not only can you embed any piece of web content like a widget or even a full web site in your Leopard programs, but you can also completely build and customize the rest of the application in the way that you want due to the functionality of the programming language.

As it is right now, even though Leopard is one of the easiest programming languages around, the very idea of programming something can still be intimidating to people, and we have more work to do to simplify the creation and distribution of Leopard programs through wizards and other means. Once these changes are implemented, Leopard will be able to be a bigger part of this connected desktop application movement and offer functionality that is unique and even more powerful in many ways than what is already out there.