Leopard Lesson Plans

February 7, 2008

In our research, we’ve found that teachers enjoy the functionality that Leopard offers, but at the same time, they need direction in how to actually use it in their classrooms. We’ve heard the requests for lesson plans, and we’re now making three of them available to help get you started. Assuming that they’re received favorably, we might be able to produce some more.

If you have any further ideas for Leopard lesson plans or have created your own, please e-mail me so that we can work on featuring them.


One comment

  1. i would love to see an integration
    of naturally speaking or another speech to text
    program with the leopard interface

    given the simple direct structure and syntax
    (evident to me even tho i am n00b)
    it seems like one could just dictate an application,
    especially an interface to some kind of web service

    programming without typing? what?

    as well…
    a whole new ‘special needs’ vista comes to mind…

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