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The Gainesville Times

December 18, 2007

A local newspaper here in northeast Georgia just published a feature story that they did on Leopard and its integration with WeatherBug.

The story contains very positive feedback from one of the local high school technology teachers that’s teaching Leopard and one of his students, and a picture was even taken of them using Leopard in the classroom (it’s the second slide). The third slide contains an audio excerpt from my interview.

This is some great press to have for Leopard, and it should help us to spread the word about the tool throughout the local area and even the entire state of Georgia more effectively.


Leopard v2.2

December 14, 2007

If you visit the Leopard Web site, you’ll see that Leopard v2.2 is now available! This version contains a number of new features including logic, looping, a timer, and the ability to chain multiple onclick events together.

Read through the online help file to see some of what has changed, and give this latest version a try to experience the possibilities for yourself.

Download Leopard v2.2!


TETC Summary

December 4, 2007

It came and went in a hurry, but Nashville’s TETC 2007 was a great conference to be a part of, and I had the opportunity to meet quite a few teachers who were genuinely interested in what we’re doing with Leopard. 

The presentation went well, and I think that those in attendance appreciated having the ability to experience Leopard in a hands-on way thanks to the laptops that Gateway provided. My session may have been an hour long, but it felt like it flew by in about five or ten minutes.

It’s always nice to have the opportunity to get a bunch of teachers in a room and tell them what Leopard is all about, and it’s one of the parts of what I do that I truly enjoy the most.