Development Update

April 5, 2007

We know that you’ve been wanting to turn your Leopard programs into executable files that are independent of Leopard, and we’ve responded to this request by providing a registered component in the forthcoming version of Leopard for those who are interested.

I’ve finished writing the sample programs that are to be included with the final distribution while we go back and forth on some important details that are essential for the upcoming release. I’m trying my best to push hard and get v2.1 out the door as soon as possible, and even though the software is done, there’s still some Web site work to do.

Trust me, I’m ready to open this up to world so that I can focus my efforts on approaching schools and helping them to understand why Leopard is good for their students.


  1. Here is a few ideas for 2.2 if you haven’t changed them in 2.1:

    1. open and save dialogs to save the contents of a textedit – “open dialog textedit” & “save dialog textedit”

    2.Multiple commands eg:

    buttontwo onclick

    3. Fontdialog actually changes the text in the textedit. – fontdialog textedit

    4. Possible to make the contents of a textbox and textedit into a string variable.

    I don’t know if it would be possible to do these as I don’t know how leopard exactly works (source code), but if they are they might be useful.

    I was also wondering will 2.1 have a compiler?

  2. Also will leopard 2.1 ever be open source?

  3. Sorry for all these comments, but syntax colouring/line numbering using Alyces codeachrome dll would be good, cos you can choose the words that you want to change the colour of, which has been done in an html editor build by someone-posted in the LB downloads forum. It might help reduce the amount of small spelling mistakes which make leopard crash.

  4. Thanks for the suggestions! Leopard v2.1 will provide a compiler for registered users, but there are no plans for open source distribution at this time.

  5. Ashley, an older version of Leopard was released under the CC-GNU GPL. I can tell you that program.bas and leopard.bas were 2325 and 2500 lines of LibertyBasic.

    I don’t even remember writing this…

    print “MCP Liberty, my first LB program”


    input “Type a dollar and cents amount? “; amount

    if amount = 0 then [help]

    if amount = exit then [exit]

    if amount >= 10000 then [help2]

    input “What is your tax rate? enter .05 for 5% “;rate

    tax = amount * rate

    total = amount + tax

    print “Tax is: “;tax; “. The Total is: “;total

    goto [start]



    print “Dude I said enter a dollar and cents amount”

    input “Press /ENTER/ to continue.”; dummyVariable


    goto [start]

    rem Dude this program sucks!


    print “Dude, you dont have that much money”

    print “Enter a smaller amount”

    goto [start]


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