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Sloop on Programming

March 27, 2007

Chris Sloop recently wrote a post on his blog that talked a little bit more about WeatherBug’s efforts with trying to help students get interested in programming, which Leopard is obviously a part of.


New Leopard Application – MCP Weather

March 21, 2007

Although we haven’t posted it on the Leopard Applications page yet, I just couldn’t wait any longer to let you know about another great program from Matthew Paige called MCP Weather. This is definitely one of the best weather applications that we’ve seen so far, so check out the code and see what you can learn from it.

The next version of Leopard is going to dramatically enhance what you can do with WeatherBug data and the language in general, so I hope to see some very creative programs once that version rolls out.

In terms of progress, I’m currently revising the documentation, so we’re coming down the home stretch.