New Leopard Applications

February 19, 2007

From the Leopard Applications page:

Truro School Student Applications
Developed By: Megan O’Leary
“Included in this example are several examples from students of Truro School in Truro Massachusetts. Enjoy and share!”

Web Page Creator
Developed By: Ashley Hunter
“Web page creator is a basic html, PHP, and Java editor. It gives you the choice of file types you can use and it also will give you an outline of the code you need to make it into your chosen file type.”

Bermuda LUA Codesnippet-Generator
Developed By: bumuckl
“With the BerCSG its very easy to create your own LUA-Applications for Sony PSP…”

Adairville Weather
Developed By: Daniel Draper
“WeatherBug weather for my area. Bowling Green Kentucky”



  1. Microsoft VBScript runtime error ‘800a000d’
    Type mismatch: ‘HTMLEncode’
    /leopard/leopardApplicationCatalogPage.asp, line 87

    There’s a problem…


  2. ok, I’m on a Vista labtop now, MCPnetstat 1.1 and MCPmedia 1.1 comming soon, Powered by Leopard 2.0, Powered by WeatherBug.

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