Viva Leopard!

February 14, 2007

At this time, Leopard is only released in English, however, I have tossed around the idea of developing language packs that can be added on to encourage people who speak languages other than English to use Leopard. Over the years, I’ve heard from Leopard users who primarily speak languages such as Spanish, French, and German, and they’ve continued to encourage me to release the programming language in other real languages so that more people can have easy access to it. I do agree that this would open up Leopard to a huge amount of new users, and down the road, I’d like to develop a way to make this work.

Until then, the Leopard users have taken the matter into their own hands. For example, a programmer called debianburn recently translated the Leopard documentation into Spanish and sent it to me in a nice compressed HTML help file that you can download right here. If you speak Spanish, then you’ll most likely really appreciate this.

Yes, the Leopard community is alive and well, and it knows no boundaries.


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  1. That’s cool!

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