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More Data

January 15, 2007

In the current version of Leopard, you’re limited to only embed one WeatherBug station and camera in your program, but the preview release has shown us that teachers and students want to be able to include more stations and cameras in their programs, which is exactly what we expected.

Therefore, in the latest development version of Leopard, support has been added for four of each of these controls, and that number will likely increase to five once the update is released publicly. This provides a fun and educational way to display and compare weather information from across the country.

The problem with including that much data in one program is that it takes up a lot of desktop real estate, however, a refresh onclick command will be included to allow Leopard programmers to display multiple weather stations, cameras, and other data all within one control in order to consolidate space and encourage clean program design.

With that said, if a programmer has available desktop space and the desire to flood their program with data, then they should be able to do so.