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Programming 2.0

January 11, 2007

One of my current goals with Leopard has been to extend the Internet functionality that it contains. There’s no denying the fact that desktop applications are becoming more connected to the Web, and this is a necessity. Not only are we spending an increasing amount of time on the Internet consuming content, but we’re also using some of that time to create content online.

It’s become customary to share that information on the Internet through a Web browser, but there hasn’t really been much of a push to offer tools that allow users to take that content, build applications out of it, and then distribute it in a useful way on the desktop. That’s about to change, because future versions of Leopard will help to bridge the gap between desktop software and Web applications.

I’m going to keep most of the details about what all of this means and how it works secret for now, but I will show you a quick example of a somewhat separate feature which has been included in Leopard, and that is the Web browser control.

Like I’ve said before, forget Web 2.0 – this is Programming 2.0.