Leopard Programming

Leopard 2010?


An interesting forum discussion about the next programming language for 2010 has been taking place online, and comments were made about the need for a language that can be used as if it were pure English instead of some overly complicated machine code.

This has always been my goal with Leopard, and forum member stevenp mentions the language near the bottom of the second page of the discussion. In response, kryton9 writes:

“Thanks for the link, never heard about that language. I bookmarked it and sent it off to my friends who want to get into programming but can never get into it. I think this language could be the magic one. I know I will have fun tinkering with it.”

Just like the example above, as we continue to raise Leopard awareness, more and more people will see that Leopard is a fantastic programming language for beginners. We need your help, so please tell others about the benefits of using Leopard!

Where will Leopard be in 2010? I have some ideas, but as of right now, your guess is as good as mine.