WeatherBug Programs

December 7, 2006

In order to emphasize the simplicity of creating an application that contains a couple of WeatherBug controls, I just wanted to feature this program that was submitted to me by a young student from the United Kingdom named Simon Brown. The program contains the current weather conditions at WeatherBug’s headquarters, and it does this by displaying the live camera image from the top of the building and telling us what the temperature is.

That may sound like fairly complicated stuff, but this is all of the code that was required to make the application functional:


window title

window size

weatherbug camera

weatherbug temperature


The result? See for yourself:


We want to see more weather programs, so please experiment with the commands and your creativity, submit your work to us, and let’s see what you can do!


  1. man… as soon as I drag out that Windows 2000 laptop, or mess around some more at work (Windows XP)… I’ll have some apps for the Leopard community.

  2. I should have a new program to put online soon called KodeKeeper nearly finished it!

  3. Actually I got two programs that I am making mixed up I am nearly finished a program called Web Page Creator which allows you to write web pages in, at the moment, 3 different file formats – html, php and java. The program I am making gives you all the starting code that you need to create a website. I am also working on code for templates, so that you can start with a template loaded which means that you don’t have to create a template from scratch.

  4. Ich zog mich besides aus, streifte mir den Schwesternkittel, sowie meinen error ab. Das round es ja dann auch schon gewesen, mehr hatte ich ja nicht an.

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