What? No Compiler?

November 9, 2006

Some people have questioned why the compiler is not a part of the current distribution of Leopard, and I just thought that I would publicly address the issue in order to help explain the matter. Yes, older versions of Leopard did allow you to create executable versions of your applications, but the reason why you’re not seeing that functionality at this time is outlined on the Leopard FAQ page.

Essentially, Leopard is operating as a preview release for WeatherBug, and we wanted to spend the first couple of months encouraging users to focus on their code. At this time, the emphasis isn’t on executable creation; instead, the emphasis is on program creation. In the future, once Leopard receives a longer commitment, we will bring back the compiling support in some way.

I would encourage anyone who is willing to submit their work to us to do so because we’ll then be able to share your creativity with the community. I know of at least a couple of applications that should be showing up on the Leopard Applications page once they’re ready, so be sure to join in on the fun and submit your own software so that it can get the recognition that it deserves.

One comment

  1. I’ll be posting MCP Netstat and MCP Media soon (http://www.weatherbug.com/leopard/leopardApplicationCatalogPage.asp). I have yet to get out my WINDOWS laptop and check out Leopard 2.0.

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