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The David Lawrence Show

November 29, 2006

Last Wednesday, I was interviewed on The David Lawrence Show about Leopard. They called to see if I was available two and a half hours before the interview took place, so I really didn’t have much time to let everyone know that I was going to be on the show.

I had been waiting to blog about the interview until I had access to the audio from the show, but since I still don’t have it, I just thought that I’d go ahead and write a quick post to tell you what happened.

I’m scheduled to do another radio interview in December, and I’ll be sure to post all of the details once the day draws closer.


New Leopard Applications – MCP Media, UK Film Finder

November 29, 2006

From the Leopard Applications page:

MCP Media 1.0
Developed By: Matt Paige
Leopard Windows Media Player, plays all mp3. wmv. and more.

UK Film Finder v 1.0
Developed By: Ashley Hunter
UK Film Finder is a program that lists most new and upcoming cinema film releases (in the Uk). It was designed to be an easy way of finding out what is on in the cinema without having to go online.


Leopard in the Classroom

November 28, 2006

Embedded below, you’ll find a short video that I created while I was teaching one of the classes of students who enrolled in the Leopard program at Lanier Tech. As the project continues to expand, we truly hope that Leopard will be coming to a classroom near you.


New Leopard Applications – MCP Netstat, 12sides

November 28, 2006

In addition to Matthew’s MCP Netstat program, John Wilson’s 12sides wireframe dodecagon drawing example has also been posted to the Leopard Applications page.

Some Leopard users exclusively think of the language as being a way to create traditional software with the standard window commands, but as John’s work continues to demonstrate, you can also do some fun things with the graphics window capabilities, as well.


MCP Software

November 27, 2006

One of the most vocal participants in the Leopard community is Matthew C. Paige, and through MCP Software, he’s created a couple of interesting Leopard programs that you may want to check out (MCP Media and MCP Netstat). Even though the programs were originally written in an older version of Leopard, the same functionality is still there in the current version of Leopard.

Just like me, Matthew is a Mac user, and if all goes well, I should be porting Leopard to OS X sometime next year. Oh, and don’t think that I’ve forgotten about Linux, either.


Teacher and Student Testimonials

November 22, 2006

As more teachers begin to use Leopard, the benefits of the educational aspect of the tool are becoming obvious.

Megan O’Leary is a teacher who uses WeatherBug Achieve in her classroom, and after using Leopard for just one day, she sent in both her personal thoughts and those of her students.

My class wanted to write the two of you a note letting you know how much they LOVED using Leopard today!!

Leslie says: I think it’s a really great program for kids and people of all ages. I hope we get to do it again.

Emma says: It’s an awesome program!!

Liza says: I think it’s great, and it’s fun, and you get to experiment independently. It is one of the most fun projects we’ve done on the computer this year!

Chaun says: I think it is really cool and one of the best applications I’ve ever used. I love how you can use all of the different colors!

Anna says: I think it is great!! It is especially good for kids who may be looking into programming. It is also a lot of fun!!

Saskia says: I think it’s fun!! It is interesting to really experience what it’s like to make a web site!

Charlotte says: I really like the program that you made. It was very helpful to use the cheat sheet as I made my first window!!

Courtney says: It is really fun! It teaches you how to follow directions exactly how they are given!! It also helps with trial and error.

Etel says: I think it is a great learning experience. I think a lot of kids will like it because it’s so easy!!

Kyle says: I think it’s awesome!! It is so much fun to play around with.

Lindsay says: I think it is really cool. It allows you to change titles, colors, etc.

Mathew says: I think Leopard is really fun! It was great to be able to make my own window!

Diana says: I think it’s very cool. You can do many different things on it and explore the help section to try new things!

Sam says: I think Leopard is cool. I think it’s neat that you can type in different demands and it will bring up a cool program!

Marjie says: I think it is one of the most fun things we have worked on this year!

Liam says: I think your program is very creative. I would use it any time possible. It is very fun to see what you can do with the program. The cheat sheet is great and easy to understand!!

The other Sam says: It was one of the best activities we’ve done on the computers this year! It was really interesting and once you get going you keep learning more and more!

As you can see, it was a fantastic experience for my class. As I watched them navigate the program, it was amazing the amount of independence it allows them as they figure it out!! On the whole they found it to be an awesome experience!


Megan and Class

This is the type of feedback that helps to keep Leopard going, and if you’re a teacher or a student who has used Leopard, please send us your feedback so that we can share your story and help advance the language.

I’d like to wholeheartedly thank Megan and her class for providing this outstanding feedback!


What? No Compiler?

November 9, 2006

Some people have questioned why the compiler is not a part of the current distribution of Leopard, and I just thought that I would publicly address the issue in order to help explain the matter. Yes, older versions of Leopard did allow you to create executable versions of your applications, but the reason why you’re not seeing that functionality at this time is outlined on the Leopard FAQ page.

Essentially, Leopard is operating as a preview release for WeatherBug, and we wanted to spend the first couple of months encouraging users to focus on their code. At this time, the emphasis isn’t on executable creation; instead, the emphasis is on program creation. In the future, once Leopard receives a longer commitment, we will bring back the compiling support in some way.

I would encourage anyone who is willing to submit their work to us to do so because we’ll then be able to share your creativity with the community. I know of at least a couple of applications that should be showing up on the Leopard Applications page once they’re ready, so be sure to join in on the fun and submit your own software so that it can get the recognition that it deserves.